Sunday, May 31, 2009

These were my attempt at "Chef Hats". Please tell me that is what you thought they were! :) I had a joint baking/cooking party for my girls' birthdays and decided to attempt fondant (this was actually before the fish cake post) on these shapely :) cakes! The left one was the first and quite frumpy! The second (right) turned out much better! They tasted really good if that counts for anything! :)

These are the cakes I did for my crazy girls on their "actual" birthdays! Tink was for my 3 year old-Kiersi and Elmo was for my 2 year old -Kayden!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here is my proudest groom's cake! Yep that's right, it is a bass fish! I am not a fondant girl...I never recommend it, and I usually steer people away from choosing it. This groom wanted a fish...he didn't care what icing I used. I went with the fondant so I could paint the fish...I must say I was pretty satisfied with the results! The bride's cake was a new design to my collection. I really liked it. It is scroll work with a different flair, and it looked really pretty with the red she chose!