Monday, May 3, 2010

Camera Cake

A coworker of mine asked me to do another camera cake only hers needed to be a "nikon", so I did it slightly different than the last one!

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Superman

Once again, I don't know how to turn this cake! At preschool there are three "superhero" boys. Each of them is someone different. One of them doesn't even want to be called by his real name...only Spiderman! His mom usually just rolls her eyes! :) This one is for Jake and he wanted Superman for his birthday party this year! So he had this cake with his family and then I made superman cookies for the big party!

Hello Kitty!

I still don't know how to turn pics on blogspot and it drives me crazy. This cake is a Hello Kitty Cake made for one of the girls little friends from preschool. I also teach with her mom at preschool. Since, I have made another cake like it for a girl that was at the same party! Quite the hit!

Cole's Football Cake

This precious boy is exactly what I would want if I had a boy someday...he was in my preschool class at the start of the year! He is so squeezable and loveable! I love to hear him talk and he lets out the best little belly laughs. His parents are precious too! His birthday was on Superbowl weekend this year, so he got a football cake!

Dirt Hill Cake

This was for a customer of mine's husband, whom she obviously calls Mr Incredible. He has his own excavating business and loves John Deere, so I thought it only appropriate to make such a cake. He was turning 49, so he hasn't quite made it over the big "hill" yet. 

Hunting Cake

My friend Stacy's husband Lance is an avid hunter, so what do you expect on a cake for his 40th birthday? A dead deer with him sleeping in the tent. I had to make the hunter's legs extra long hanging out of the tent because Lance is like 6'3" at least.
I think every last piece of this fondant and cake got eaten by the Poole's and their neighbors!
Kennedy is the cutest thing you will ever see. She has the cutest brown eyes and smile that will light up any room! Precious! My girls go to school with her and I teach and am friends with her parents. My girls also pretend that Kennedy is their kid when they play at home! :)
This is obviously a violin cake. I was asked to do it by our close family friends. It was for her Dad's 80th birthday! He plays the fiddle and carves violins/fiddles out of wood. He is very talented! He is also friends with my granparents! This is mostly buttercream with small fondant accents. I had to make it in 2 pieces so it would fit in the fridge and travel.

Artist's Palette

I did this cake for a friend of mine's step daughter. It was a first, but a lot of fun to make! My girls thought the paint brush was so cool!
This was for a family friend. Jill got married at the beginning of January. I used a stencil design on here with black buttercream. It sounds easier than it was! I was really pleased with the design! My little girls got to be the flower girls in Jill's wedding. That was their first time to ever be in a it will always be a special event to us! Even if one of them didn't make it down the aisle.