Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greg and I delivered Amber's cake just a few hours ago. I absolutely loved her choice of flowers. They were gorgeous. She chose a deep plum colored ribbon for the base of each layer along with alternating designs. The random swirl pattern mimicked another cake I had done, and we tied in the dots with the pattern. Her cake choice was traditional white but with cream cheese icing between the layers. Yummy.

I made this cake for April Grant. Her mom and sister actually met with me first and picked out everything! Her mom, Paula is so great! April's cake was lemon through and through with strawberry icing between each layer, and it had of course the buttercream exterior. Each layer had the same center design complemented by the pink and green layered ribbon.

These two cakes were in celebration of my birthday and my bro-in-law! I made him a golf ball in the rough! My sister did my cake and did a great job! She even came up with a new sweet design I have never used before...the squiggle! Fun times...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Here is the bride's cake I did this weekend! It is hard to see because I forgot my camera! Yeah...real professional of me! It is all square layers of strawberry and white cake with cream cheese between and a buttercream exterior. The exterior is designed with royal blue ribbon and small dots, the top layer is adorned with their initials.