Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dora Fiesta for Ava

One of Kiersi's friends had a Dora birthday fiesta party this weekend. We sadly weren't able to make it, but I got the opportunity to do the cake. FUN! Lots of colors.

One Year Cakes

Here is Haydon's trio of cakes...We did the first one for his picture session. He got to dig in to the smash cake for his pictures. The next weekend was his party, so I did the bigger cake for all the family to eat (choc and vanilla). Then the last was my favorite design and it was his smash cake for the party! He is such a cutie! We are friends with his parents through church!

Anniversary Party

I made this cake for my friend's in law's anniversary party. I really liked the design that I ended up picking from the invitation she gave me. I decided to keep it simple and elegant. The hard part was the monogram. Their names started with a T and an M. I didn't want to print the monogram because I wanted it to be elegant, but I was afraid people would think it was a J instead. I went with it anyways...

Amanda's Cupcakes

I made these for my newly married sister-in law. Once we showed up to the party, I realized I should have made some for my mother-in law too. We ended up celebrating both of their birthdays that night! Oops!

Jax's Pool Party

Happy 2nd Birthday Jax! He had a pool party with all his friends. He and Kayden are pretty big buds! They give each other "lovings" (sugars, hugs) A LOT!

Strawberry Shortcake

So I know it has been a while...Here is Savannah's cake for her 3rd birthday in JULY!! She is one of Kiersi's friends at church and in preschool.