Friday, July 23, 2010

Go Diego Go! Cake

Happy Birthday to my punkin...Jaxson Ladd! Or should I say Kayden's Punkin?! Those two are inseperable, and too cute. His family and ours are great friends, and Jax was in my preschool class last year. He and Kayden are best buds!

Baby Boy Paisley Cake

Ledger Cross Moreno will make his appearance in this world REAL soon! My friend, Hollen's shower was last weekend and I got to make the cake! So fun. I found a few designs online and combined them all to make this! I really loved the paisleys and wanted to incorporate them somehow! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mermaid Barbie part 2

Savannah is a great friend of Kiersi's and I love her crazy mom!! We had a blast at her pump it up party! Savannah had been looking forward to her birthday cake for months. First it was going to be Team Umi Zoomi, then it changed to some other barbie princess...and finally to the Mermaid princess Barbie!

Dots Baby Shower Cake

This was for a baby shower. I actually did this cake two weekends in a row for the same person. She just used the same invite for two different showers because no one would be at both! Great idea! I made them almost exactly alike except an 8" one weekend and a 10" the next! Oh and Chocolate Chocolate all the way through!

Prosper Eagles Baseball cake

Happy Birthday Blake! Blake had a fun Toy Story 3 watching party at the theatre. His mom rented the theatre and we all got to see the movie the day it came out!! FUN! In 3D too! But for Blake's actual birthday, he wanted a cake that was baseball and only Prosper Eagles would do!

Beach Ball Cake

Happy Birthday littlest Z! I did his sister Ava's Dora Cake, then sister Mai's snowflake cake, and now it is Parker's 1st Birthday! He had a matching smaller beach ball for his smash cake and he did smash into it! Icing all over! He did a pretty good job eating the cake part too! Fun party!

Sew Sew Cake

Happy Birthday Julie! Congrats on your new sewing machine. I think she is already making some moola putting it to use! Awesome! First sewing cake, but it was a fun challenge!

Thomas the Train

Happy Birthday Malakai! This was my first go at a 3D Thomas. I had done them flat in the cut out, but not standing! It was a fun challenge. Hopefully you think it looks like Thomas! I think Kai liked it and that is ALL that matters! :) Love that cute kid!
This was a referral for a wedding cake from a long time customer of mine. It was delivered to a really cool place in Southlake. It is a retirement community that is extremely luxurious! I would love to live there at the age of 32!! Ha! This was a pretty basic cake with some swirls on the outside.

Peace Love and Cakes

Once again it won't turn the right way! Oh well, these were super fun to make. I just mixed a lot of crazy bright colors in my fondant and then cut out the signs and circles! This was for a regular customer. It was for Samantha's 9th Birthday!

50th Birthday!

This was for a friend of a coworker. FUN cake! Loved getting to do all the fondant work on this one. She just said dots and I went with it! It was for her mom's 50th!

Snow White's Dress

This was for a fellow coworker's little girl. She was having a "snow white colors" party but wasn't a fan of all the "themed" stuff. So we did a spin off on snow white's dress.

Mermaid Barbie Cake

This one was for a friend of a friend. Always makes me a little nervous. They called back after Greg dropped it off and said they LOVED it! YEA! It is the traditional barbie cake except with the mermaid barbie!

Princess & Pirate Party!

It's my princesses!! We had a pirate and princess party so we could invite all the boys too! It was so much fun! We had a plank to walk out front, a big pirate flag on the front of the house (neighbors prob thought we were a little strange), and all kinds of food...golden nuggets, pirate's booty, cannon balls, rubies, emeralds and more! The cakes were two different was strawberry and the other was lemon. I also made some chocolate cupcakes with pirate flags in them so everything wasn't so pink!! I think my girls had a great time...I know I did! All the girls left with tutu's, and the boys left with swords, pirate hats, and eye patches!

Carnival Cake

Braden's 6th Birthday! Sorry for the "car" picture. I had already loaded it when I remembered to take a pic.  Braden's mom, (below cake's daughter) Katie went ALL out and threw Braden a  huge Carnival party! So I guess that would make her a "carni?" Ha, just kidding! She filled the bucket on top of the cake with colored popcorn! There was a lot of cake there to be eaten! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

60th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday Terry! He is one of my friend's dad! We go to church with the whole family!  She leads a bible/book study I am in and is from about the same size town I am...her husband is from a smaller town in east texas right next to where Greg grew up! Small world.

It's a Girl!

When we threw the shower for Gina, she wasn't for sure what the baby was. We did a neutral shower and the cake matched the invitation. Well, it is a girl!!

Camp Graham

Well since I had already done Graham's mom's bday cake, then his princess sister Laura, and his dad the hunter, all that was left was Graham's 3rd Birthday cake...camping theme! We all cooked smores in the back yard along with yummy burgers and riding on the mules!